Specific Title Tranfers

Thanks to Odd-Match, Melbourne now has its own chapter of the Title Transfer of Former Animal Sanctuaries Now Being Repurposed as Residential Buildings Fanatic Club (TTFASNBRRBFC). They’ve had one in Milwaukee for years, and one started in UlaanBaatar last year, but finally there’s one in Melbourne!

Now this small group of us can get together, have a cup of tea or coffee, eat some snacks and discuss our devotion to the process of property transfers – specifically, transfers of buildings that were formerly places that housed animals. I tell you what, it sure was rough going through the transfer of the old Keymore Lemur Sanctuary all by myself, with no one with whom I could discuss the process. I just kept thinking about all that conveyancing paperwork, and how much legal energy must have gone into transforming it from a lemur haven to a respectable retirement village. With segregated walls!

The lemur sanctuary moved to that fancy new building in Docklands, but my heart was there, in that old building. All those conveyancing meetings and Section 32 revisions, and it was just me, alone in the world and seemingly the only one who cared.

Well, now I have Dorothy and Greg. We have a good old natter together, talking deep into the night about how complicated the process must have been when the Melbourne Hyena Petting Zoo had to close its doors, and was soon repurposed as a set of modern suburban detached homes. Such a thrill. A thrill beyond thrills!

Now the Carnegie Home for Capybaras is considering a move to Hawthorn, and word is that they might be planting a block of flats in its place. They’re in talks with property conveyancing experts right at this minute. I can feel the tension in the air! And now, I don’t have to stay up and Skype with the club in UlaanBaatar to discuss it.