About the Buzz

We wish there was more to it than this, but…we just really like bikes.

Cycle Buzz exists to give people the low-down on anything with two wheels (or occasionally three), so you can either learn a little more about bikes and why they’re so great, or you can pick out the perfect motorbike for you.

This site is a collaborative effort between a few mates, namely Vaughn, Nate and Tim, who met each other at multiple motorbike shows and eventually decided that they should just get together in a pub so they can keep talking even after the show was all packed up for the year.

Nate knows some stuff about websites, so…here we are! We hope you get as much of a buzz about bikes as we do, and enjoy your time exploring our various pages. Life permitting, we’ll try to update as much as possible and keep things fun and interesting for anyone who doesn’t understand all this horsepower talk.