I’m So Fit!

Okay, as the title states, I’m fit as can be. Like, honestly, I’m the fittest person I know by far. I’m a gymnast and a personal trainer, and it feels like every minute of my day is dedicated to being healthy. Which is exactly how I like it.

Here’s a run through of my average day:

I wake up at 5am to take the dogs for a walk before work. Once I’ve walked them for an hour, I come home and have a good wholesome breakfast to kick start my day. Most mornings I have one of my weight loss prepared meals, they are just so easy and they give me more time to relax in the morning before work. Once I’m at work, I spend my morning helping random gym goers with their work outs, offering advice and making sure that no one is working out incorrectly. The afternoon is when I have my actual clients. I train some of them every day, and others every few days according to their work and training schedules. Once my day is over I use the swimming pool that’s attached to the gym and get home by 7:30pm to eat a healthy dinner and get my eight hours sleep. I’ve honestly nailed everything.

I love being a personal trainer. Some of my clients I’ve had for years, and I’m constantly picking up new ones. I think they chose me because I’m just such a fit person, and because they aspire to the level of fitness I have. My clients always tell me that I’m the one who’ll get them there. They are right. I am pretty much the best at everything I do. I say pretty much because I’m really humble as well, I’ve never been one to toot my own horn!

When chatting with one of my newer clients, Jacob, I learnt that he’s been struggling to eat healthy despite living healthy. It’s hard to see results when you’re putting in more calories than you’re working off. So I suggested he go on a mens weight loss meal plan, and he loves it! I can see the results myself, and I’m so proud of him. 

Maybe I should be a nutritionist too. Seriously, at this point there’s nothing I can’t do!