My Metal Project

I want to create a sculpture of a dragon. It’s got to be big and bold, ferocious and terrifying. It has to be made of steel. I want people to look at it as they drive along the freeway by my house. I want to hold their attention. In time, people will mention “Melbourne’s Metal Dragon” and everyone will know what they’re talking about. It will be like the Statue of Liberty or the Taj Mahal. Hence, I’m going to need some supplies.

I’ll need the best steel beams I can buy in Melbourne and the best metal sheets. I’ll need state-of-the-art magnets and ultra super glue. I’ll need some way for the dragon to breathe fire because without that it will just be a statue of a giant winged lizard. I want it to be magical. People will talk about it far and wide. Tourism in Australia will increase a hundredfold. Of course, I’ll need to find the best Melbourne steel fabricators to get a lot of the work done. I don’t know the first thing about metalworking.

I’m a carpenter by trade. My first attempt at this project didn’t go so well. The Wooden Dragon looked great until the wood caught fire and the whole thing burned to the ground. That’s what happens when you pair dragon fire with a wooden sculpture. It’s all good now, though. My house was safe.

That’s why I’ve got to make this one out of metal. If that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll try stone. If the project goes to plan, I’ll have Fantasy-Land open in a few years. Who wouldn’t want to go to a theme park with a giant dragon? Maybe I’ll let the kids shoot the flamethrower in the dragon’s mouth. Now that’s an idea. Man, I’m one step away from building a giant robot and using it to take over the city. Maybe that’s where the real money is.