Pew, Pew, Yeah!

I never imagined that one day I’d log onto a website and be greeted by a slew of messages from my kin. And yet, here we are! Odd-Match has united me with my fellow photo dynamic therapy role-play enthusiasts, and I will forever be grateful. 

See, we have a great time with PACT photodynamic therapy, which is usually supposed to be for the treatment of foot fungus, corns and callouses, and all kinds of other foot conditions. And we respect that, we really do, BUT… we personally choose to use the technology to pretend we’re spacemen, using handheld lasers to fight off the evil forces of the Plantar Empire from across the stars. Also, there is parkour. We’re space agents, you see (those are agents of space) and one of the things you learn at the space agent academy is parkour. In fact, you can’t get your photo dynamic blaster license if you don’t know how to parkour up the side of a building and do a sick flip. Those are the rules set down by the Galactic Human Alliance, and yes, this is a rich and unique lore we have crafted.

Our group originally met due to our fascination over photo dynamic PACT therapy, although that just didn’t seem specific enough for Odd-Match. I think a couple of us had an interest in podiatry as a whole, the work of podiatrists in treating common foot conditions and all that. However, another thing we all shared was the opinion that feet were a bit gross, and that podiatrists alone were more than capable of taking on fungal nail infections. Cheltenham was safe from Earth-bound fungi…but not the evil fungi people from the Plantar Empire! 

That’s where we come in, armed with our Photo dynamic Blaster tech. Podiatrists protect people’s feet…and meanwhile, we protect the entire galaxy. Also parkour.