Revival of the Epic

They said it couldn’t be done. Well, check me out, world. I’m the CEO of the southern hemisphere’s only theme park inspired by Finnish folklore. That’s right – Kalevala Land is go! It’s still in the early stages – we haven’t actually built it yet – but still, the investors are there, and so is the public demand. You’d be surprised about the level of interest in Finnish epics that abounds in the south east of Melbourne. It’s all down to the success of that kids movie, ‘Freezing’. 

I’m still acclimatising to the position of executive power I’m in, and discovering the boundaries of what it can and can’t achieve. It was never my goal to be in this position, but when Akseli put the idea to me, I just couldn’t let it go. After a whirlwind few months of logistical planning, securing investors and completing a course in leadership, I’m… still unsure of the finer points, admittedly. It’ll come, though. I’m sure of it.

Likewise, I’m sure of going ahead with Jake’s roller-coaster idea. ‘Escape from Lemminkäinen’ has been controversial among the board members, with some of them pointing out that it might not be aligned with the park’s proposed G-rating. But I trust Jake – he’s a creative type, and if he says he’s able to make it G-rated, then I believe him. He’s got so much talent, and I can’t wait to see his career in roller-coaster design take off. 

All I need now is some executive time management training, and I’m ready to roll. There’s just so much to do, and I’ve never been in the position of juggling so many tasks before. Between being the go-between for Jake and the board, and interpreting Akseli’s vision into viable terms, there’s barely time to spare for studying the Kalevala. Early on, we agreed that we’d all spend an hour on that every day, just to make sure we were covering all possible thematic bases.

I might propose that we cut corners there and just take the rest of our inspiration from ‘Freezing’. The investors will like that.