Humanity’s Tale

Humanity has created many terrible things.

The pocket watch.



Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

But finally, it looks like we’re doing something right. I am ALL over this new trend of solar energy for everyone. Wind power is also incredible, but there’s just…less going on. Wind turns the turbines, and that’s it.

Commercial and industrial solar is something that both corporations and regular people partake in, together. It is the uniting handshake that will bring us together: corporate people, and real people. We all need power for our iPads and Kindles. We all dislike the idea of running out of power, at which point society will collapse and martial law will be declared, but the military too will fall despite its great might, and we’ll be left fighting over resources in a barren wasteland. The only exception will be fuel; we’ll have loads of that to feed our gigantic impractical monster trucks.

You get it. Solar power is what’s going to save us all from great disaster. Wind power is also going to do that, but in a less exciting way, so the history books are going to be all like ‘solar, commercial solar systems, 100kw systems, commercial energy storage, hoorah for them!’ And then in a tiny footnote right down at the bottom, it’ll say ‘oh, and also wind power helped, I guess’. That’s not entirely fair, but history is dictated by whatever’s the flashiest, unfortunately. 

The point is that humanity will unite around solar power, both because it’s flashy and also because it’s the thing that saved us from the gnawing, clawing dark. And just look at how pretty the solar panels are! 

So yeah, that’s going to be humanity’s roadmap for the next fifty years or so. First the 100kw systems, then the great age of bounty and sunny-sun goodness. 

Then…the silver jumpsuits and spacey fun-times.