Paranormal Property

Kids are full of weird requests. Whether it’s a peanut butter sandwich without the peanut butter, or a banana that’s an orange, or a pet boa constrictor, or harpsichord lessons, there’s no end to the outlandishness. I thought I’d heard it all, but even I was taken aback when Francis asked if we can buy a haunted house. 

To contextualise, Clarence and I are looking at buying property, although we were thinking more along the lines of a newly built townhouse in the ‘burbs than a crumbling Victorian mansion, which I think is what Francis has in mind. That said, I suppose it’s worth enquiring with the real estate agent, just in case they happen to know of a not-too-shabby pre-loved abode with a friendly ghost situation. 

It’s not that I always give Francis whatever he wants, whenever he wants it, but I do have a healthy respect for his input. I think it’s good to raise kids with the knowledge that they can have what they want, provided it’s within the realm of possibility. Clarence is questioning the particular request with regard to this proviso, saying that it’s a bit fanciful for us to seriously consider taking on board, but hey – stranger things have happened than coming across a haunted house. 

Besides, we pay good money for property advocacy services. Melbourne surely has at least one house harbouring unexplained eeriness, if not a bona fide ghost, and what are we paying our agent for if not to find it? Worst case scenario, we’ll have a Gothic-style period piece on the table of options, and it could be good for us to consider something in the ‘character home’ category. 

My only worry is that, if we do buy a haunted house, Francis will be terrified of the ghost and won’t want to live there. I’m not sure he really comprehends the reality of meeting a ghost.