Influencers: Eternal Trendsetters

You know, as much as people moan nowadays about ‘influencers’, I don’t think it’s a new trend. Influencers and their naysayers have existed for as long as trends have been around; it’s just that the internet provides a new and exciting way for them to be shoved in your face.

I was idly browsing Instant-Gram and I saw that Audrey Messani posted a new update: it’s a picture of her up against a tinted window looking out on the Melbourne skyline. The description mentioned that Melbourne office tinting companies were ‘the absolute best, #blessed #windows #tinting #whataview’, and people were grumbling that she was using her flawless looks to sell windows of various types.

Okay… how is that any different to some movie star riding around on a Vespa, causing everyone to suddenly start riding Vespas? And how, may I ask, is it different to Madame de Pompadour swanning around the King’s winter ball in a ballgown with a frilly collar, causing every lady in Paris to wear one before the year of 1747 is done? 

Charles Dickens practically revived Christmas single-handedly because he was so amazingly popular. We only have fun stuff like Christmas trees and party games and big family dinners because of A Christmas Carol. Some idiot in ancient Egypt decided that wrapping yourself in tight bandages is the hottest way to get buried and caused a cultural trend. You get it yet? Someone saying that office window tinting is a big deal – because it IS, and everyone knows it – is just doing what humans have done forever. We like to follow trends and be ‘in with the crowd’, and now we’re witnessing the take-off of commercial window tinting services Melbourne wide. It’s simply the trend du jour. Get it tinted, and keep up with the crowd.

Basically, quit your whining and get used to it. And leave Audrey Messani alone, because she consistently produces amazing content, whether she’s trying to influence you or not.