Lolly Shop Videos

I’ve just opened a lolly shop and I want to promote it. I’ve been doing some research, and I’ve figured out that the best way to promote a business is through video. Working with lollies, I’m pretty creative and know what is visually appealing, and so I’m thinking of making around five videos for promotion. Two of the videos will show customers how the lollies are made, which is absolutely delicious and will definitely get me business. The next two will depict someone decorating the store with the lollies and the last will be of someone giving the lollies as a gift to their child. This is creative genius.

So I’ve clearly got the ideas, but I don’t have the equipment to make the videos happen. I need a marketing video production company to turn my dreams into reality. Surely if I present them with exactly what I want them to do, then they will just go ahead and do it. I’ve taken all the pressure off them creatively, they just have to create the final product. I personally think they’ll be really stoked about this deal.

I’m going to approach a production company next week. I have a strict timeline dictating when I want the videos released, including the first video the week before Christmas. The videos will then be disseminated once a week for four more weeks after that.

I’ve chosen my video production company. Near Melbourne, it seems, there a lot of them, so it was a long and thorough process, but I’m very excited to announce that I’ve now got a partnership with them and they will be able to meet all my deadlines. They were actually able to offer me some really good and valuable ideas as well, which I’ve decided to incorporate into my videos. Here I was thinking that I had everything figured out, but they had even more figured out! I can’t wait to see the finished product.