Average Car

As a secondary school student in Hobart, there’s a lot of pressure to have the best of everything. I just turned sixteen and my parents bought me my first car so that I can learn to drive in it. I’m really excited that I’ve got a new car, but the issue is that it’s not the best car in comparison to others. I’m going to be embarrassed about driving my new car to school because it’s not as good as some of the other cars people my age drive. 

I’m thinking about asking my parents to take my car to the car mechanic near Hobart and see if they can get some custom upgrades made to my car. Even if my car isn’t the best brand or model, if I’ve got custom upgrades done to it that no one else has, that would ensure that my car is respected in the car park. I don’t want to be embarrassed by driving some run-of-the-mill car, so it’s really important to me that I have a car that stands out from the pack. I’m no ordinary girl, and therefore I don’t want to drive an ordinary car. 

Okay, so I told my parents. They were upset that I wanted to get parts of my car changed because it’s a brand new car. I understand that it’s brand new which is awesome, but it’s not really enough. I asked my parents if they thought a Hobart car service would make the changes that I need, and they were reluctant to tell me. I’m not sure why they’re so upset. I’ve acknowledged how great the present is, but it’s within my right to want to improve the present where I can.

I don’t want my parents to think that I’m ungrateful, but it’s really hard for me. There really is a lot of pressure to have the best of everything, and my friends won’t talk to me if I don’t.