Mechanics Are Vital

Sometimes I like to get philosophical and think deeply about the world. I think about the mechanics of our society (pun intended), and what we need to do to be able to live cooperatively. I consider the inner workings of how we function, and which jobs are necessary for our survival versus to the jobs that have just been created to feed into capitalism. 

Some of the obvious jobs that are necessary for our society to function are doctors, nurses and maybe politicians, but other jobs that people may not think of are the trades. Without them society would crumble. Let’s just say my car broke down and I wasn’t able to visit any mechanics. Toowoomba residents such as myself would be stranded. It would be impossible for us to get around as our public transport system is unsatisfactory at best, and life as we know it would crumble. No one would be able to get to the doctor because they couldn’t drive and therefore the health of our residents would be directly impacted. 

If we didn’t have trades, and I’m focusing on mechanics today but all trades are important, individuals would have to learn all these skills themselves which could cause a significant number of technical faults and damage. For instance, there’s no way that I’d be able to conduct my own diesel tuning service. I barely know what it means even though I’ve gotten it done at the mechanic before.

If I didn’t have access to constant servicing from my mechanic, my business would be obsolete. I work for a delivery company and drive every day to get the orders delivered on time. If I was responsible for the upkeep of my truck too, then my productivity would flatline. 

I hope I’ve been able to prove to you all why trades are so important. Maybe you guys could all get a little philosophical too and prove to me why you think something’s important. I’m always keen to listen.