The Property Experts

You know, it’s quite strange. You’d would think that Canberra didn’t have any services of its own. They do, of course, because Canberra is a functioning city with infrastructure and all of that stuff, but you just wouldn’t think they did. Maybe that’s just because so many of our team are based in Melbourne – which, being bigger, tends to have better ‘stuff’ overall. I mean, let’s be honest: the market landscape for luxury goods and services in Canberra is relatively tiny. 

Anyway, here I am again, looking for a specific service in Melbourne. Property advocates, to be precise, are the order of the day. Church Park is going to be opening again, with some very nice properties in the upper ranges of price, and that’s the reason we need buyers advocates. They’re trusted property professionals, and so they can have a look around at the empty homes, check out the neighbourhood with the many amenities and garden projects we’re planning to put in, and eventually give the whole place the thumbs up. 

This is going to be one of the main draws of the whole thing, of course. We need real experts to look at what we’re building and give it a thorough, expert inspection. I feel confident saying that, after that, no one will have a problem with the history of the place. Property advocates have seen it! It must be fine! I will surely come here with my nuclear family and photogenic dog, and consent to photos of us being taken outside our three-storey home, and it will be great for ALL the social media. 

Oh, I am ALL over this. Now I just need to actually get in contact with a real buyers advocate open in Melbourne and see if they’d like to do one tiny job interstate, for very good money. The CPRC has quite a bit of funding, from an anonymous but very respectable donor that you should definitely all trust.

And if you don’t trust them, then there are always buyers advocates. And heartwarming social media pics with cute doggies.