But the Children!

As a mother and an avid member of the Neighbourhood Augmentation Group (NAG), I don’t think all this news of a vigilante leaping across the rooftops is good for my children. Tommy came home today and said they’d been ‘playing vigilante’ in the playground, and he’d been using his cybernetic limbs to ‘totally destroy’ the villains.

That is not appropriate language for a growing boy, and I was so disturbed that I sat down right there and wrote another letter to the mayor on this issue. He needs to do something about this menace!

Oh, I’m willing to be wrong, of course. It has happened. Back when there was that big craze over commercial solar systems for Melbourne businesses and every man and his dog was going solar, me and the other mothers in NAG were protesting outside the mayor’s office, making a clear statement that we didn’t trust this new technology and we wanted to know exactly how it worked. What if it turned out that we were ‘stealing’ from the sun, and thus there was no sunlight left by the time my Timmy and Lilly got to adulthood and they had to live out their lives in a world of darkness? Oh, it kept me up at night!

Eventually someone organised a seminar where we all sat down and learned about 100kw systems, solar panels, commercial energy monitoring and why using solar panels to absorb the sunlight wasn’t actually ‘taking’ anything.

Truth be told, I didn’t understand a lot of it, but I nodded along with all the other mums (I didn’t want it to look like I wasn’t switched on) and everyone seemed pretty happy. Commercial energy monitoring in my children’s school? Officially fine with me.  

Vigilante women? I don’t think so. What about my sweet Lilly and her developing mind? She needs positive female role models, and this person doesn’t count.