The Second Epilogue

Frankie and I decided to head to the hardware store, just to remember old times. It had been a month since our climactic battle with Sewer Wizard, and my best friend had absorbed the evil half of himself. Space Wizard left us a note, explaining how he needed to leave for our own safety. It made sense, but I missed him already.

“You know, you never even told me your first name,” I said, as we walked through the doors of the shop. “You asked what mine was, but never answered back when I asked about yours.”

Frankie shrugged. “I’m just so used to everyone calling me Ms Frankie since I work in a school and everything.” She grabbed my hand tight as we walked down the store. “My first name is Susie.”

“Susie Frankie,” I said. “Well, I’m wondering if we should’ve gone Cheltenham. Timber there is generally of pretty good quality.”

She nodded, pulling me further into the shop. “I’m certain. There’s something here I need to show you.”

Something to show me? What could that possibly be? And why was it in a hardware store? I was starting to think this was more than just a spontaneous trip to a random hardware store near Sandringham. Perhaps she had planned the whole thing out.

We had to go all the way to the back of the shop, and just before we turned the last corner, Frankie asked me to close my eyes. I did so, and she led me forward, still holding my hand.

“You can open your eyes now,” she said.

Before me was a massive fortress made entirely of glass. My fingers twitched, eager to smash it. Why would she bring me to a place of such temptation?

“It’s yours,” she whispered, picking up a sledgehammer and putting it in my hands. “Go for it, Bandit. I’ve arranged it with the shop. You can smash as much glass as you like.”

Well, that quickly turned into the best day of my life.