Tour Final Day

This is it. The last day of the book tour promoting my memoir, I Was a Teenage Air Conditioner. It’s been a real honour to speak to air conditioners and humans alike about the struggles my people go through. The work isn’t done, though. I still have radio interviews, podcasts and online articles to do, all with the goal of promoting this book and getting it on the bestseller list. Ultimately, though, I just want to make a difference.

After breakfast, I’ll be heading over to the centre for air conditioning service around Croydon, giving my book to the workers there and answering their questions about how to treat air conditioners better. It’s an important issue. Think of an air conditioner service like a checkup at the doctors, for humans. If you don’t get it done every once in a while, you might have issues you aren’t aware of, and they can continue to worsen until the problem is almost untreatable. You don’t want that, do you?

The tour will finish with an exclusive party for all units of air conditioning. Endeavour Hills is the suburb of choice, and I’ll be hosting the party, open for all air conditioners, regardless of make or model. It should be a whole lot of fun, celebrating the important steps our species has taken in recent months.

Yesterday’s events weren’t really anything too exciting, so I didn’t write about them last night. It was a solid day overall. The standard kind of day you’d expect from a book tour. Thankfully, things have taken a turn for the better after that difficult fourth day. I almost wanted to give up, but I pushed through it. Thank goodness I did, because I truly believe I’m doing important work. I hope that Dr Dark McBane can deliver on his promise to give air conditioners and sentient cars civil rights. If you want to support air conditioners everywhere, the best thing you can do is buy my memoir and vote McBane in the upcoming state election.