Tool Boxes Galore

I’ve been traveling around Australia for the past six months. 

I started in my home state of Victoria and have now officially made it to all the way across to Western Australia. I traveled through South Australia and along the coast of Western Australia to hit the halfway point of my adventure. In two weeks time I will travel to the Northern Territory and surrounds, and then across to Queensland and down the east coast of Australia. I expect this to take me six months.

Since I left Victoria, I have been living out of my van. I decked it out before I left for my trip. The van has two car seats in the front, and in the body of the van is a single mattress, a sink and a small fold up table. I know it sounds extremely cramped, and that’s because it is, but it is by far the most cost effective mode of transport/accommodation. When you aren’t working for a year, it pays to live frugally. It may sound as if I have absolutely no room for my belongings, but that’s not correct. Underneath my bed and sink, a floor has been built that is raised above the actual floor of the van. Underneath that perceived floor is a number of tapered under tray tool boxes that I use as storage for all my belongings and anything I need in my van to keep it running smoothly. The boxes have given me an extreme amount of extra space, and have allowed me to live as comfortably as possible.

I got the storage idea when I was doing my apprenticeship last year. Every guy had a ute toolbox. Melbourne builders absolutely love them, and I understand why. It feels great to have your tools secured in your car, rather than left on the backseat where any Tom, or Harry could look in and decide to run off with a power tool. 

It’s been great knowing I can park my van pretty much anywhere without worrying passersby will decide to use their five finger discount on one of my very limited personal items.

I’ll update you all on my travels soon, can’t wait for the next leg of the trip!