Visiting the Care Home

Great news! I’m no longer stuck at home. Not so great news! I only have twenty minutes to visit my mum because of the unfortunate situation that has plagued the world. How sad is that? I haven’t seen my mum in over a month because I’ve been stuck at home and now because of this extremely unfortunate situation, I only have a very limited amount of time to visit her. I have so much to talk to my mum about.

I want to update her on my life and how much I have hated the last few weeks. I want to rant to her about my husband and ask her what she thinks I should be doing with my life. I need my mum’s help and advice and I won’t even be able to get it. The only thing we have time for is for her to quickly show me around her new home, the highly rated SDA housing in the Adelaide area. I want her to show me around and let me know how she’s going and whether she likes it. It’s really important to me that she’s happy where she is. 

I know I wasn’t doing a very good job of looking after her and so I want to make sure that the place I’ve sent her to is looking after her very well. They’re high class professionals and I’m sure they would be, but it would be great for my peace of mind to know for sure that she’s in the best place for her needs.

I just met my mum’s disability support worker for the first time. She always seemed lovely on the phone, but she’s even more personable in real life. I was actually blown away by the manner in which she held herself during our interaction and the way she treated my mum. It’s clear that my mum really likes her which makes me extremely happy.