Act Your Age

I’m so embarrassed by my mum. I swear she acts like an eighteen-year-old (which is my age) rather than a thirty-eight-year-old (her age). I know she had me really young and missed out on all her youth whilst she was looking after me, but that’s no excuse not to act like an adult now. I swear as soon as I turned eighteen and was legally allowed to look after myself, she became an eighteen year old too.

On my eighteenth birthday six months ago, she gifted me with a voucher to visit the most highly-rated tattoo shop in the Brisbane CBD. I obviously thought this was an awesome gift, especially because none of my friends’ parents had let them get tattoos for their birthdays, but the moment my mum lay down next to me on the bed, I knew things were going to be a disaster.  

Not only did my mum want to get a tattoo, she wanted us to get MATCHING tattoos. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe that my mum who was pushing forty wanted to get the same tattoo as her high school daughter. It was so bizarre. I absolutely refused to get a matching tattoo with my mum and so I turned to the realism tattoo artist who was working on me and told her that under no circumstances should my mum and I get the same tattoo. I didn’t even want my mum to see what design I had chosen, just in case mum decided to copy or ink some sort of variation of it onto her body. 

Ever since my eighteenth birthday, my mum really has changed. She’s acting the way I should be acting now that I’ve finished my high school exams. She goes out partying every night and I can hear her sneaking people out in the morning. This whole situation is bizarre. I  don’t like it.