When You Assume…

Green is not a creative colour. 

Can confirm; I’ve spent my entire life at an academy for the arts and philosophical sciences, since both of my parents are professors here, and one thing I know for certain is that green- the colour- is not creative. It has its uses, but it’s not nearly as creative as all the other colours, and many would say that it’s not creative at all. 

I’m sure every expert, in every field, has things about their industry that everyone outside of it assumes. For example, you might think that auto electrical experts are immune to electricity. It’s something I assumed for a very long time, but I’ve long since learned not to make assumptions, thanks to the class I take every Saturday afternoon: Don’t Be A-Chump, Stop Making Assumptions!

It’s taught by Professor Diggs, who used to exclusively teach classes on the philosophical implications of the colour puce, but lately decided to expand his sphere of influence. We did a whole class on mechanics, tyre repair and the challenges faced by car air conditioning servicing people when people roll up to their garages and just assume they do certain things, in a certain way. Perhaps someone wants them to diagnose the car’s problems without opening the bonnet. Maybe someone assumes that an air conditioning service is as simple as opening up the air con grate and filling it with cool air. 

I assumed all of these things, although that’s because I’ve never left the walls of the academy and I must simply gaze out from one of the tower windows at the world below. One day…one day

But for now, I have my daily classes. When I pass the trials and am allowed to leave, I shall know exactly what to say to professional Moorabbin mechanic…professionals. And that is nothing at all. Just drive up and let them take care of the rest.