Unnecessarily Afraid Daughter

My daughter is so unnecessarily worried about me. She winces every time I fall over because she thinks I’m going to die or something. I personally think it’s ridiculous. I’m perfectly fine and capable of looking after myself, and just because I fall over it doesn’t mean that anything is going to happen. I fall over and get back up again – that’s what life is about!

I kid you not, I walked into her bedroom the other day and she was researching this surgery called rotator cuff repair. Melbourne kids just have too much access to technology. She shouldn’t be able to just research whatever she wants at any time. She’s scaring herself and making up all these scenarios in her head where I’m going to break my shoulder and need shoulder surgery. If I could revoke her access to technology, I would. It’s not that I don’t want her to be curious and learn new things, it’s just that she tends to only seek out things that are going to worry her and be a cause for concern. 

She’s even given me the number of scapula fracture fixation specialists because she wants me to be prepared. Seriously? How ridiculous is that! I have never injured myself after falling over before and I don’t plan to now. I don’t need to be prepared for an ‘inevitable’ fall because they’re not inevitable! I just wish she would relax. Who raised her to be such a worrywart? Not me. That’s for sure.

Sometimes I think that I should just fall over and actually injure myself so that she can see that it’s not a big deal. People injure themselves, need to have surgery and recover all the time. That’s how life goes. There’s no point in having access to the best shoulder surgeon in Melbourne if I’m too afraid to get help when I need it! Even though I don’t need it – which my daughter doesn’t seem to understand.