Escaping From Raceview

Escaping from Raceview is a lot harder than it sounds. Everyone thinks that it’s just a normal suburb in Queensland, but it isn’t. Once you enter you can’t leave. I’m not sure if anyone else knows about this, or if everyone who lives in Raceview now just genuinely wants to stay, but I’ve noticed it. I’m aware.

The first time it became apparent to me that I couldn’t escape Raceview was when I tried to drive over the suburb border. My car broke down as soon as I arrived at the suburb line, which at first I didn’t understand. I thought it was just my car that was the problem, and so I called the local mechanic in the Raceview area to come and check out my car. They have a physical workshop and also run a mobile mechanic enterprise too, so the mechanic came to me.

Raceview isn’t an overly big suburb so the mechanic arrived in pretty good time. He pushed my broken down car about three metres back the way I came to his mechanic setup. As soon as my car was safely back in Raceview territory, it revved to life. My mechanic wasn’t even in the car and hadn’t even started working on it, but it was as if the car was as good as new. Obviously, we both found this quite peculiar, and I thought for a moment that my mechanic thought maybe I had just accidentally turned off my car without realising it. I definitely didn’t do that.

My mechanic assessed my car and decided it would be best to do a diesel repair and service. He said that should fix the issue, and that if I have any more problems, to bring the car into the workshop during operating hours. He said he’d put me at the front of the queue because he’s not one hundred per cent sure he’s fixed the mysterious issue. I now know the reason he doubted himself, even though he has more experience as a mechanic than I have been alive, is because of a strange dark magic in Raceview.