Parked Car

Life would be so much easier if I chose to drive places. I just had a two-hour round trip that was a mix of public transport and walking on foot, and it would’ve taken me less than half the time if I had chosen to drive. Don’t get me wrong, I can drive and I like driving, but I just keep forgetting to pick my car up from the local auto repair shop in the Adelaide CBD.

I know it sounds bizarre that I would forget to pick up my car, but I just don’t need it all that often. It’s only in instances where I have to go to an appointment or something that’s on the other side of the city, that I realise I need my car. Other than that, pretty much everything is either within walking distance or easy to get to on the train.

I haven’t needed my car in six months, since I last dropped it off at the mechanic. People ask me all the time when they come over where my car is, and I just kind of shrug it off. I tell them it’s at the mechanic and it’s like they’re truly in shock. The first time I replied that they didn’t think anything of it, but the next time they heavily questioned why my car was at the mechanic again. I corrected them and said it had never left the mechanic, and they looked at me like I’m a madman. I’m not a madman. I’m just kind of lazy.

Anyway, I think people need to relax a bit. Yes, my life would be a lot easier if I just got my car back. But last year I got a wheel alignment service close to Adelaide and I never bothered to see how it turned out. That’s surely not that bad. It’s also no one else’s problem whether or not I drive. I am just living my best life and I will pick up my car one day when it suits me. Everyone else can mind their own business.