Fearless Dental Treatment

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my fifth and final blog post documenting my fear of dentists and how I overcame it. My last post was about a year ago now, and so many of you have been asking for the final update. It’s like you guys thought that I had forgotten about it. I hadn’t, I was just waiting for the perfect experience to be able to write about. And now, just under a year since my last update, I have it for you.

It’s safe to say that I’m a definitely not afraid of the dentist anymore, and my last experience has proven that. Last year when I made my last post I promised myself that I would tick off little milestones along the way to prove to myself that I’ve conquered my fear. One of the main things on my list was getting an aesthetic dentistry treatment annually. I was holding myself to this because I tend to shy away from things that I’m afraid of, and so I needed to face it head-on to prove to myself that I was no longer afraid. You can imagine my stress when I found out that the dentist who I got to know and feel safe with was on long service leave.

I decided to woman-up and book an appointment anyway. I asked the receptionist who my dentist would recommend and decided to trust what the receptionist said. For the week before my appointment, I was worried that I was going to chicken out and not go to my appointment with the Bayside dentist. I told every single person who would care that I was going to the dentist at this time and date to make sure I held myself accountable. And you know what? I went! I did it! I met the dentist there and then and I only felt a tiny bit of nerves. I told the dentist how my regular one usually explains things beforehand and the dentist was fine with it. I’ve conquered my fear.