Puppy Car

I’m adopting a puppy from a breeder in Hobart. The puppy was just born which means I’ll be able to take it home in eight weeks. I’ve begun the puppy-proofing process so that my home and belongings won’t be any sort of hazard to the young pup. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who have the same dog as the one I’ll be adopting, and they’ve given me great tips on how to puppy-proof my place. Something that I hadn’t thought of before was to also puppy proof my car.

My car is the first place my puppy will go and it makes sense that it needs to be safe. I wasn’t really sure what would need to happen to make it as safe as possible, and so I reached out to my local mechanic. Hobart is a small town and so everyone knows everyone. Obviously, this isn’t in the job description of a mechanic, but he was happy to offer me advice which I really appreciated. I’ve decided that I’m going to make up a little crate with blankets and stuffed animals for my puppy to sit in on the way home. It is going to be strapped very securely to the backseat and will be safe for my puppy to be in.

After chatting with the mechanic, I also decided that it would be a good idea to get a car service. Hobart and surrounding areas have some pretty rugged terrain and I wouldn’t want anything to go wrong with my car whilst I had the puppy in it. The poor little pup will be very scared and I don’t want to make the experience any harder for her.

I’m so excited to meet my puppy. I love her so much already and I know we’re going to be best friends for life. People have been talking about how lucky she is to be in my life. They’re wrong. I’m lucky to be in hers.