Who’s This?

This really isn’t funny. Whoever is pulling this prank (however you are doing it) really needs to stop. I need to go back to my own body so that I can manage my marine welding business. This morning I woke up in the body of some weirdo with a dog almost as big as I …

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Boat Watching

When I was a child, I used to head down to the marina and watch the boats come and go on the weekends. I hear that a lot of children are fascinated by planes or trains, but not me. I thought that boats were the most interesting things in the world. For a long time, …

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Is there anything better than freshly caught seafood? Well… maybe there’s one thing. You have to promise not to make fun of me for saying this, though. I couldn’t handle being the guy who went viral over something like this. I’ll just come out and say it: I like the taste of boats. The taste …

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