Successful Suspension Repair

I saw the weirdest thing when I was getting my car serviced in Underwood the other day. The day had been very stock-standard for me, with the only difference being that I had to pick my car up from the mechanic on my way home from work. This was no big deal as the train was very close to the workshop. 

Anyway, I digress. Guess what I saw when I was just trying to pick my car up from a suspension repair close to Underwood? Not a mechanic finishing off the repairs – no. The repairs were finished. What I saw was a man almost face down in his front seat eating nachos off his brake pads. Is that not the most bizarre thing you’ve ever heard? Firstly, who drives their car and eats nachos? Secondly, who then spills the delicious nachos on their brake pads and needs a brake repair because of it? Then thirdly, who on EARTH eats those dirty nachos off their brake pads in front of a whole workshop of people and whilst their mechanic is talking to them?! I just can’t get this crazy image out of my head. 

I bet you once I tell my family what I’ve seen when I get home, they’ll think I’ve imagined it. They’ll laugh at me for going to a workshop to visit an auto electrician in the Underwood area and coming back with some crazy story about a potential madman eating nachos of his car brakes. I swear to you guys that I saw it. I only drank three coffees today so I definitely wasn’t hallucinating. 

At least the auto electrician who did my suspension repair didn’t get distracted by the crazy person at his workshop. He did a great job with the repair and my car feels great to drive now. I won’t need to go back to the mechanic for another year which is awesome, but part of me is thinking I’ll see that crazy man again next time.