Truly Roadworthy?


I am stunned. Amazed

They may have experienced a little bit of a dip in quality recently, and Sails of Our Lives remains something that I must endure every week rather than enjoy. But this recent mid-season finale of Week of Our Lives just proves that they’ve all still got it. The magic is still there.

The proof in the pudding is that it was another episode about cars, this time about getting fast roadworthy certificates around Ringwood, but they still managed to keep the concept fresh. See, Anita is going for the position of mayor, and she’s so squeaky clean as a candidate that she’s been live-streaming her life 24/7 for the past year, just to show all of Realsville that she’s a candidate they can trust.

However, Kelvin (who has several unpaid parking tickets) has steadily been driven mad with jealousy, and also because of that clinical trial he did where he was infected with kangaroo blood, except it went to his head and now he sometimes just randomly starts hopping. He needed the money to pay for his parking tickets, but what he instead picked up was a strange habit that makes him a less viable candidate.

So Anita drives all the way to Ringwood to get her car looked over and have it roadworthy, because having a roadworthy vehicle is something the citizens expect of a squeaky-clean candidate. She live-streamed everything of course, but once she’d left her car, Kelvin hopped over, jimmied the window with a crowbar and inserted false documents saying that Anita’s car was too road-coloured, meaning that it blended it too much and wasn’t safe to drive. And she live-streamed herself driving away from the car mechanic! Ringwood is such long drive as well.

This could upset the entire race, along with Sharif’s secret plan to interrupt the live debate by unleashing his horde of hybrid spider-kookaburras, to take dark scientific revenge on a world that said spider-kookaburras were a bad idea. It’s all heating up mid-season!